6 Reasons Why Testimonial Videos Are Important For Your Business

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What best inspires you to trust and have confidence in a person? Another individual’s good opinion of them, right?

The same applies to your brand. Customers prefer choosing products/services that have been given a thumbs-up by a good many people. But most find reading reviews exhausting and end up choosing a brand they’ve been using for years or a renowned one. 

This is where you lose if you are a start-up or an emerging company. The only way out of this disadvantage is to offer your reviews in a form that is both entertaining and purposeful – testimonial videos

Simply put, a testimonial video shows a customer or a client praising a company. Most often, the videos show the client talking about how your product/service had helped them solve a problem. They might also add who they are, what they do, how they had first heard about your company, and the specific features they like about a particular product/service.

The power of testimonial videos in pulling in potential customers cannot be stressed. So here are six reasons why you must have one made for your brand as soon as possible.

1. Social proof

When you have testimonials for your brand, it tells the world at large that other people are satisfied with what you’re offering. This is a big incentive for anybody who is considering using or buying your products/services. 

Further, when it comes to purchasing decisions, social proof is a massive push because people spend more on popular things. For your target audience, these testimonials create the impression that your brand is accepted among members of the same community.

2. Increase conversion rates

It’s no secret that video marketing helps companies improve conversions. When you make testimonial videos, prospects get to see who is talking about your brand. If they like the person’s story, they will be more likely to make a purchase because the client’s story resonates with theirs. 

People are more likely to buy from you if they have watched a video as opposed to just reading written testimonials on separate web pages. 

3. Easily consumable

Compared to testimonials on pages that all look alike, testimonies in videos have a unique style and are often like stories, covering the journey of a client’s first encounter with your brand to their transformation into a loyal customer. 

Potential customers will find testimonial videos to be more interesting than pages of text because they can watch these at their own pace and absorb information better.

4. Personal touch

The success of any campaign is the ability to connect with the target audience. Testimonial videos provide you with the perfect avenue for this.  

The client talking in the video is not simply reading out a pitch. Instead, they are sharing their personal experience with your brand, which your target audience might find relatable. As a result, testimonials are often more impactful than advertisements. In recent times, one can see testimonials as a part of tv advertisements. 

Testimonial videos also make for excellent authenticity proofs, thus making it easier for you to stand out from the competition and pull in more clients.

5. Cost-effective

The good thing about testimonial videos is there are no limits to the number of people you can reach out to. You can use your marketing budget in recording one video and gaining multiple leads. 

For instance, if you were planning on putting up hoardings around an area with text testimonials, it would cost you a lump sum. However, if you were to record a video that is then uploaded on the internet, your marketing costs become zero. So it is not only more authentic but also an easily consumable way of converting leads.

6. Humanizes your brand

Many potential customers would rather do business with a company that does well,, by its people rather than one that is ruthless in its approach. 

In addition, when you have a video on your website with someone from the team talking about how they place their clients first and the service they offer, the company’s profile becomes more relatable. As such, you will see an increase in conversions as well as customer loyalty.

Do you have a testimonial video currently? Testimonial videos are the future of marketing and the sooner your brand gets on board with them, the better off your business will be in the long run.

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