3 Tips for a Successful YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube is one of the mainstream platforms through which both commercial and corporate videos reach their audience and generate revenue for clients. Just simply creating a page and uploading your videos does not give you the expected results without having traffic driving to it. What you need is to carefully plan a marketing strategy.

In this article, we are going to dive into 3 main tips for a successful YouTube marketing strategy. 

1. Tell your brand story with your channel

Everything in your channel, ranging from the channel icon and description to the cover, should represent your brand in some way or the other. The ‘About us’ section of your page should contain a short description of your brand, focusing on your values and motto. 

Make sure you have calls-to-action that lead every new visitor to your website or other pages you want your target audience to take note of, and social media icons leading them to your accounts across various platforms. 

Do not forget to categorize your videos into different playlists. This makes it easier for your audience to find what they are looking for. The names of the playlists should resonate with the voice of your brand.

2. Optimize your videos

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? Yes! Optimized videos stand a higher chance of appearing in search results compared to ones that are not. Further, since people are more attracted to video results for their queries on Google, the search engine gives utmost priority to optimized videos. 

Here’s how you can optimize each of the following elements of your video:

  • Title: Describe your video in less than 70 characters, in precise words, and using the primary keywords. 
  • Thumbnail: Opt to create a custom thumbnail overusing one that YouTube automates for you. Use a high-quality image that best describes your video for your thumbnail.
  • Description: A user would only be able to see the first 300 words of your video description at the first sight. Therefore, focus on making these 300 words as attractive and informative as you can. Summarize your video, give major pointers as to what all is discussed within the length of the video, and use the major keywords. 
  • CTA: Call to action at the end your video asking viewers to like or share your video, watch a similar video, subscribe to your channel, or perform other actions using cards, end screens, and watermarks. 

3. Add YouTube Stories

YouTube has taken after Instagram and Facebook to introduce Stories into the platform. But unlike the first two, YouTube Stories last for a whole 7 days. The feature is available only to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers.

Stories allow you to get the attention of those people within your target audience who do not have time to scroll through their YouTube feed until they ultimately find your content. Keep your Stories short, entertaining, with the right filters, music, and links, and you will attract more subscribers than ever before.

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