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Testimonial Videos are the most effective

Client testimonial videos have an effectiveness rating higher than all other content marketing videos at nearly 89%, because testimonial video production is one of the most powerful marketing tools available for establishing credibility and trust. Doing testimonial video production with realistfilms.com captures the gratitude of your clients and illustrates how your business has helped them improve. Showing potential customers what you business does and is a great way to win new business. Creating powerful client testimonial videos is more than just pointing a camera at a talking head, it takes intuitive trained Direction and skilled editing to make a story compelling and to capture the essence of the interviewee. We know we’ve made hundreds!

Great interviews are not just talking heads

realistfilms.com takes the time to use excellent lighting and high quality sound equipment when capturing interviews. Focusing on the authenticity of the story and supporting clients to get the best possible testimonial video interviews. We often use multiple cameras and get various angles of your client, using lots of quality “b-roll” the video footage that will help tell the story, to show the product, facility, or whatever is needed to make the video flow and informative. Then we take all the footage and edit it together using your client’s words to make the video the best it can be. Longer version we refer to as case studies as they aren’t just a few sound bites and go into greater detail.

We have made hundreds of testimonials

We are experts in conducting interviews and creating customer testimonial video productions. These range from short customer testimonial videos to longer highly technical video case studies for businesses, that go in depth about how customers solve challenges using clients products or services. With over 500 interview videos completed, all around the United States and Canada the majority of which were made without any scripts, trained actors or preparation. If you are located in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Francisco, you can be sure we will do fantastic testimonial video productions for your organization that will capture authentic compelling stories, no matter how fast the deadline or interesting circumstance.  Contact us today to get a testimonial video proposal.

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