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San Francisco Video Production

Our DNA and many years of experience in the tech industry is what makes us a great partner for San Francisco Bay Area, California technology businesses who need have their stories told well to their stakeholders and customers. One of our areas of specialization is in creating case study and testimonial videos for technology companies. When we create these type of videos we go to a clients, customers site and interview them and capture the sound bites and b-roll that go into making a powerful sales and marketing video. These can be for television, social, or ads, we start with a longer version that is optimized for YouTube SEO and then edit the videos down to shorter versions for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp and Instagram as well as for Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns where they can be used for lead capture by using video ad placement.

Our San Francisco, California video production team and production vehicle is loaded and ready and waiting to come to you and your locations. We use cinema grade camera, lenses and sound equipment to make sure that the footage is clean and crisp.

In post production our editing and graphics team create stunning visuals that draw the user in and help inform them as to your brand and aesthetically pleasing calls to action to drive traffic back to your company website or phone, making sure that your funnel is full of qualified leads that turn into happy customers.

Contact us today and find out how affordable and effective it is to make great videos in the San Francisco Bay Area – Call today (888) 212-6969.