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Los Angeles commercial video production, YouTube video marketing , testimonial video productions, San Francisco case study videos, documentaries, digital online video productions, social media and event videos, Orange County corporate video production. Video that engage customers, increase conversion and revenue.
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Realist Films Videos

Here are a few of our videos below or view our portfolio we have made over 600+ video productions.

Video Production Services

From concepts that require many days of shooting on location with larger crews, to videos that are documentary style focusing on the authenticity of the location and people involved, with or without actors or scripts. We provide with high quality video production services, with our exceptional team.

Commercial Video Production

Television commercials and digital online video commercials create more traffic and generate more sales from satisfied happy customers.

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Case Studies

YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is the worlds #1 website and YouTube video marketing production is one of the best tools to educate and attract new qualified clients.

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Testimonial Video Production

We shoot high quality documentary style interviews that deliver and sell the stories that need to be told.  We love the process of capturing them.

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Realist Films:  A commercial video production company in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orange County.

Our experience in commercial video production, film and television production, marketing, branding and technology sales and marketing is what sets us apart. We know how to craft effective stories and creating video marketing campaigns that sell. Taking a systemic creative approach our team of top notch Producers, Directors, Editors and Crew, help you with pre-production planning, script writing, and all the important details that make your video production a success. Whether you are in Los Angeles, San Francisco or Orange County.

Client Testimonials

“realist films helped with everything I needed. Hiring an actress, finding a location, and even coordinating wardrobe and makeup. They were at location early, upbeat and efficient. The edits were turned around in record time. realist films exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended.” Kody A.

Marketing Manager

“We had a video created by realist films and we such had a great experience! They had a clear vision and also incorporated the things that were important to us. We were also super impressed at the quick turn around. I would definitely recommend them for their professionalism and efficiency.” Jessica G.


“I have had the pleasure of working with realist films on multiple occasions and have had nothing but great experiences. They provide great visual insight and ideas and execute video productions perfectly. I’m excited to do more video productions with them in the very near future.” Philippe I.

Marketing Consultant

Commercial Ad Production Orange County

Our commercial Ad Production Orange County team draws inspiration and motivation from wherever we can find it. We found there are direct parallels between successful television commercials and our commercials.

Film Production Orange County

There are always more than a few people involved in film production Orange County. The whole process usually follows several steps. We’ve taken the time to outline a few of them right here.

Video Production Company Orange County

Hiring an experienced documentary video production Los Angeles company will help you to avoid the following pitfalls that do-it-yourself filmmakers fall into continually.

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