4 Proven Methods to Promote Your Video Content

Did you know that videos have a higher ranking than other content in Google search results? Yes! Since people always tend to choose to watch a short 5-minute video over reading a whole 700-word article, Google tends to favor video content. 

But how to make sure your video stands out among millions of similar ones? Here are 4 proven methods in which you can promote your video content to reach your target audience. Read on!

1. Optimize Your Video

Organic visibility is a requirement for the reach of any type of content that you create. If your video is being uploaded on YouTube, make sure you optimize your YouTube channel. Click here to find out how. 

The video title and meta description play crucial roles in the ranking of your video. Phrasing the video title in the form of a question, with the use of the primary keyword, will easily lead your audience to the video since most people tend to enter questions in the search bar. Make sure the meta description summarizes your video in concise words while using all the major keywords. 

2. Promote on Social Media Platforms

Whether you publish your video content on YouTube or any other platform, make sure you share and promote it on all the major social media platforms. Make short teasers and trailers of your video and put it up on Instagram along with a clickable link to the source of the original video. 

While it is important to ask your team, friends, and acquaintances to promote your video on these platforms, focus on those people who are closest to your ideal customer persona. 

3. Promote Video in Your Newsletter

Newsletter subscribers directly represent your target market. So the best way to get your video content across to such an audience is to attach a clickable link to the video in your monthly newsletter. Further, videos are good lead magnets, and simply mentioning in the subject line that you are attaching a video would have the power to double the open and click-through rates. 

4. Spend a Few Dollars on Paid Promotions

While organic promotions are more wallet-friendly, they might not be enough in some cases. Paid ads directly find your target audience while you sit back and watch. This method is most recommended if you need visible results in a very short interval. 

Paid promotions, being extremely granular, lets you focus on smaller groups within your target audience whom the video specifically addresses.

However, all these efforts go to waste if your video is not up to the mark. Want to create a video that is worth the efforts of promotions and optimization? Realist Films can do it better than anyone else! Be it eye-catching visuals or trending sound effects, we’ve got it all covered. Contact us to know more!

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