Commercial Video Production

In todays social media oriented, video centric world, it is more crucial than ever to make bold statements that break thru the crowded marketing spaces. The commercial video production services that realist films provide, will help generate qualified leads, for your organization, so that your clients will understand your offers better and be more ready to make informed purchasing decisions. Our experienced Producers, Directors, Crew and Editors work in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francsico and your locations to provide the Video commercial production services you need to succeed. Contact today or learn more about what we do.

YouTube Video Marketing

Fact! YouTube is the worlds most popular website and it’s influence is growing stronger by the minute! Smart business owners know that doing YouTube video marketing, video content marketing and having a well executed video marketing strategy is a receipe for financial success. realist films offers video marketing services at competitive rates, our strong creative skills, fast turn around times and ability to work within budgets make us a great choice. We can help your organization achieve its online video marketing strategic and statistical goals. Contact us today to discuss a specific video marketing strategy or we will help you formulate one.

Testimonial Video Production

We are experts in conducting interviews and creating customer testimonial video productions. These range from short customer testimonial videos to longer highly technical video case studies for businesses, that go into great depth about how customers solve challenges using our clients products or services. With over 500 interview videos completed, the majority of which were completed without any script, trained actors or preparation, you can be sure that when we do testimonial video productions for your organization that we will capture an authentic compelling story, no matter what the circumstances.


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