Please tell us the details about your video project

In order for us to serve you better please include the following
infomation in the form located on this page to the best of your ablity.
  • In as much detail as possible tell us what kind of video you’d like to make.  Is it a commercial video, product video, social media video, documentary video, event video?
  • What is the creative concept for the video?  Add examples of other videos that are similar to what you want to make.
  • What is the finished length of the video/s 15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec, 90 sec, 3 mins or longer?
  • What is your intention for this project? Selling? Informing?
  • When do you need the project completed?
  • Set the video production financial budget limits. This is very important, because we need to know what the limits are, so we can work within them.

We work with all kinds of budgets, so feel free to call us in Los Angeles at (310) 221-1111 or in San Francisco at (415) 813-7177 to discuss your needs for video production.

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