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Case study videos  go beyond testimonials

Client testimonial videos have an effectiveness rating higher than all other content marketing videos at nearly 89%, because testimonial video production is one of the most powerful marketing tools available for establishing credibility and trust. We create high quality testimonial video productions in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orange County. captures the gratitude of your clients and these illustrate how your business has helped them improve and grow. Showing potential customers what you business does and is a great way to win new clients. Powerful client testimonial videos require more than just pointing a camera at a talking head, it takes highly experienced Direction and skilled cinematography and editing to make a story compelling. We’ve made hundreds!

Motion Graphic Logo Animation for Quantum Corporation

Intro motion graphic for public technology company to brand their videos, using an inspiring clean modern look and colors over a Manhattan skyline background.

Great interviews are not just talking heads

We take the time to using motion picture grade lighting, high quality sound equipment and cinema cameras when capturing testimonial interviews. Focusing on the authenticity of the story and supporting clients to get the best possible testimonial video interviews is what we do best. We often use multiple cameras and get various angles of your client, using lots of quality “b-roll” so that the video footage that will help tell the story visual to support the interview, to show the product, facility, or whatever is needed to make the video flow, be informative and entertaining. In post production we take all the footage and edit it together, color correct, adjust sound, add transitons and music to make the video the best it can be.  Sometimes we make longer and shorter to go into greater detail and have edits for social media and advertising lead generation.

Logo Animation for San Francisco Public Utility Commission

Motion graphic intro outro for PureWaterSF program by the SFPUC to promote their water quality program, custom created for a production made for the program.

We have made hundreds of testimonials

We are experts in conducting interviews and creating customer testimonial video productions. These range from short customer testimonial videos to longer highly technical video case studies for businesses, that go in depth about how customers solve technical and systemic business challenges using our clients products or services. With over 600 interview videos completed, all around the United States and Internationally the majority of which were made without any scripts, trained actors. If you are located in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Francisco, you can be sure we will do fantastic job making testimonial video productions for your organization that will capture authentic compelling stories.  Contact us today to get a testimonial video proposal made for your organization.

Motion Graphic Logo Animation for eCam Secure

Motion graphic video intro animation for security company. Created using surveillance camera footage and client logo to highlight the technological advantage that they offer.

Motion Graphic Logo Animation for Southern Gulf Islands

Created a motion graphic logo animation for British Columbian tourist destination Southern Gulf Islands, highlighting the nature experience using layers of animation.

Motion Graphic Logo Animation for Telestream

Brand logo motion graphic for Televantage Vantage product using their logo and creating motion layers to have an eye catching, innovative design.