4 Reasons Why You Should Create a “How To” Video for Your Product

Video content is popular for a multitude of reasons. It’s entertaining, engaging, informative, and is easier than reading a guide or manual. Videos can be used in a variety of ways to help your business grow, whether you’re trying to promote your product or service, find new customers, or simply improve customer retention rates. Video content has the potential to generate more leads than traditional forms of content.
“How to” videos are one of the best ways for your business to reach new customers, in addition to providing great customer service. Here are 3 reasons why you should make a “how to” video as soon as possible.

1. Reaches a wider target audience

A “how to” video is one of the most popular video genres on the internet. Most people tend to use the words “how to” when they type a question regarding the working of a product into a search bar. Thus these videos have a greater chance of being discovered by your customers when looking for information about your product or service.

2. Makes your product look user-friendly

When you create a video guide on how to use your product, it makes your product look user-friendly and simple to handle. 

It is important for you to create such an air of simplicity because potential customers are more likely to buy a product that they know how to use or believe is easy to use. Customers who have already purchased your product but are confused about its working too will appreciate these videos. 

Keep in mind that the higher the chance of a buyer not figuring out how to use the product, higher still is the chance of returning the product and never availing your services again.

3. Better than guides and manuals

Showing is always better than instructing. Customers always find it tiresome to unearth the guides and manuals of products brought long ago and to read the infinitely small fine print.

“How to” videos often come as a rescue in such times. Easily available on YouTube or the brand’s own website, these videos are often short, simple, and answer almost all relevant questions regarding the use of a product.

4. Reduce the burden on customer service cell

A “how to” video also reduces the burden on your customer service cell by answering basic questions about your product or service. In the case that you do not have a “how to” video, all inquiries regarding the use of the product will be directed at the customer service cell, leading to an increased workload for the employees within. 

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