A San Francisco Video Production Company Primer for Smart Marketers.

Smart marketers should hitch their wagons to the best San Francisco video production companies. They know that using video in their marketing efforts is the quickest way to success. Deciding where to start is a recipe for a successful production.

Here’s a primer on what you need to look for.

Check Out Their Portfolio
A lot of the different video production companies that you look at will have portfolios. That’s why you need to have some criteria to narrow down your search. Asking yourself if the content they create is unique and professional is a good starting point.  Don’t worry too much if some if the samples you look at don’t match the tone and style you want. A good San Francisco video production company will be able to custumize their work to suit what you need.

Get References
While you’re taking a look at the portfolio and their work, it’s a good idea to grab a few names and some contact information. A company that’s respectable and credible will give you the names of past clients who have used their services.  Remember if they waffle at all here, it’s a big red flag that you will need to pay attention to that.

Have a Meeting
The power of video marketing is all about making personal connections. Finding the right video production company who you are sure can meet your needs. In other words, initial contact with any prospect online is great, but you need to have a face-to-face before you make any decisions. This is a great way to ask any of those questions that occur to you on the spot. This type of personal connection is an excellent method to narrow down your choices. If not in person over a video chat.

Look into the Technique
It’s a big decision to allow a company to bring your video marketing vision to life. You want to make sure to find out about the kind of studio they use and the kind of equipment they use is right for you.  You might want to use something like animation in a future project, so you should find out about their capabilities in that area. Ask about drones and different formats and resolution, and their post-production workflow, so that you get a good understanding of what the company can do for you.

Finding the right company to partner with when it comes to doing marketing video is easier when you have some criteria to work with. A great San Francisco video production company it’s worth its weight in gold if they do good work and can make themselves available.

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