Big Benefits to Testimonial Videos in Los Angeles

If you’re looking to build brand credibility and convert leads into sales, you can’t afford not to look at the power of testimonial videos as a Los Angeles business. Here’s just a few reasons why you should include this in your marketing toolkit.

You Want Credibility
There’s nothing more powerful than prospects seeing your clients give opinions about your products and services. It’s a sure fire way to give your brand the kind of credibility that will boost your bottom line. There’s no way around the old adage that a happy client is your best way to more sales. Leveraging testimonial videos is a proven method that has an outstanding track record of results.

They Are Easy to Share
Videos are very easy to share across all different social media templates. Research indicates that three quarters of business executives watch relevant videos at least once a week.
Here at realist films, we have our finger on the pulse of the need for commercial and testimonial video production. Our team of experts has both the dedication and commitment to excellence that separates us from the competition.  We specialize in the kind of video production that you need. From corporate and business videos to testimonial videos we make videos in Los Angeles that are of the highest caliber, we can help you get to where you need to be.

Videos Spike Referrals
That’s why we are always happy to tell our clients about all the good reasons to use testimonial videos. Asking a customer to give one of these testimonials includes them in your inner sanctum and builds up a relationship that’s solid. It’s a perfect way to keep your brand front and center in their mind and to get referrals. Remember, even in this online marketing age, word-of-mouth still helps your business to get to where it needs to be.

Videos Work with Email Marketing
Testimonial videos are the kind of marketing tool that has great crossover value. Research points out the fact that putting the word video in the subject line of any email marketing campaign increases the open rate.

Once you start looking at it, it’s easy to see why testimonial videos are such a powerful marketing tool. They allow prospects to see people who are just like them. Using this tool assures your sales people they are leveraging their hard work to its full potential. Why not get in touch with us to begin a discussion about starting a testimonial video campaign for your Los Angeles business today?!

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