6 Benefits of Having a Corporate Documentary for Your Company

A documentary can be a great way to connect with your customers and potential clients. A documentary is essentially an informational film that shows the ‘true story’ of events.

When it comes to corporate documentary films, they are often used as marketing tools for businesses to present themselves through their personal stories and experiences of the people involved. This type of video content tells your company’s story in a way that makes viewers want to learn more about you!

In this article, we discuss the 6 benefits of creating a corporate documentary for your business.

1. Offers a human touch to your marketing content

A documentary, unlike an advertisement, is that it offers a human touch to your marketing content. Instead of portraying your business as a faceless corporation, you create an emotional connection with viewers by showing them the real people behind the scenes. This can also help them feel like they know more about your company and its ethics, which can help with your company’s identity.

2. Can be as formal or informal as you need

Since a documentary does not have a fixed format, you can make it as formal or informal as you need. If you want to create a more professional image for your business, then you can make the documentary more formal in tone. 

However, if you want to create a documentary that portrays your business as fun and customer-friendly, then you can do so as well. For example, if your company prides itself on having fun at work and encourages its employees’ sense of humor, then your documentary will be more lighthearted in tone than one produced by another business with less frivolous values.

3. Narrates the story of your business in an engaging way

Corporate documentary films can be very effective in telling the story of your business and its values. They also allow for an inside look at how things operate within your organization and may showcase certain products or services that help differentiate you from other businesses. 

The history of your business, otherwise unknown to your customers, can be portrayed in an entertaining way with the help of old photographs, videos, and newspaper clippings.

4. Utilizes staff instead of hiring professional actors, thereby saving time and money

A major benefit to creating a corporate documentary is that you can use your own staff members as the stars of the show! This not only saves you time and money, since you don’t have to hire professional actors, but it also allows your employees to feel more connected to the company. This makes them more likely to share your documentary with friends and family, which helps promote your business even further.

When employees are featured prominently in a documentary film about their workplace, it often gives them a feeling of confidence and builds a sense of fellowship with the company. They feel like they are part of something larger than themselves and that their work is appreciated by those who matter most. This can also help to motivate employees to do their best work possible, knowing that they are being showcased in a positive light to the public.

5. Reflects on the ethics of the company and thus helps establish company identity

A documentary film is not only a great marketing tool, but it can also be used as a way to reflect on the ethics of your company. This is especially important if you plan on releasing the documentary publicly. By showcasing the positive values that your business holds dear, you can help create a more positive image for your brand. 

This can help you convert those among your target audience whose values lie close to yours. While most people choose products and services based solely on their quality, there are still others who choose brands based on the values they uphold.

6. Creates credibility

Having a documentary film about your business helps to create credibility for your brand. The use of real-life characters who can vouch for the goodness of your brand can lead to your audience finding you trustworthy. People love learning about unique and interesting organizations, so a documentary film can help show people what makes your business stand out from the crowd.

A documentary film taps into the trend of authenticity and utilizes it to help promote your business. When creating a documentary film about your business, keep the following in mind:

  1. The tone should be appropriate for your company and its values.
  1. Your staff should be comfortable appearing on camera.
  1. The documentary should reflect positively on the ethics and values of your business.
  1. It is important to have a clear goal in mind for what you want the documentary to achieve. Is it to create brand awareness, increase sales, or showcase company culture?
  1. Utilize social media to share the documentary with a wider audience.
  1. Plan for a long-term marketing strategy, as documentary films often have a longer lifespan than traditional marketing tools.

If you’re on the fence about creating a corporate documentary film for your business, don’t be! They don’t have to be expensive to produce. Are you looking for an affordable yet great option for a video production company to create your corporate documentary? If yes, choose Realist Films! Our team of directors, videographers, and editors bring the best to the table. Contact us to know more!

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