Real Estate Video Production Best Practices

Real Estate Video Production Best Practices

We look after Orange County real estate video production too. If you take a few minutes to go through our website, you’ll see that we have excellent client testimonials. These are from exacting professionals who needed a top rated experienced video production company.

One of the more demanding areas where standards are exacting and high is in Orange County real estate video production. It’s important to be able to reach your audience with a narrative and a good story especially in the real estate industry. Recent research has stated that almost 90% of consumers say they find videos are extremely helpful when making decisions to purchase big items online.

Here’s a few ideas that can tweak any Orange County real estate video production so it’s better than the competition.

Video and The Written Word

Many studies have stated that video and the written word work well together. If you think back on any of the product related videos that you’ve found impressive, you’ll see this is usually the case. It applies in real estate video as well. Not only is it a good idea to add the right contact information at the very start of the video, written bullet points as you pan around from room to room that highlight features help to anchor those in the viewer’s mind.

There’s always going to be certain information that you want to make sure all viewers remember like how many rooms there are and what features you want to stand out. It’s another good reason to put text into your video. It’s even a good idea to repeat that kind of information in any kind of caption or small blurb at the bottom.

There has been a lot of research into what makes these particular kinds of videos effective. Length is another extremely important factor when you’re considering Orange County real estate video production. Research says you should keep it under four minutes because less is always more. It’s no secret that our attention spans are collectively getting shorter and you want to take that into account.

Orange County Real Estate Video Production Starting Points

There are few starting points that you need to take into account to make sure your real estate video is effective. First and foremost is letting everyone know who you are. That’s why it’s a good idea to introduce yourself at the very beginning of your video. That lends itself to both face and brand recognition.

Finally, the best Orange County real estate video production always makes sure there is great lighting and high resolution in all the shots in the rooms and exterior.

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